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Enrico Camporesi, MD
Physician Consultant

Helping my patients and peers is my passion. I have 55+ years in Hyperbaric and Undersea Medicine. I am also a Professor of Surgery. Ask me your questions, I am here to help.

     I graduated in Medicine from the University of Milano, Italy and specialized in Physiology and Anesthesiology from Duke University.  My research has explored respiratory and exercise human responses to high pressure environments (The Atlantis series of deep dives) and treatment of diving accidents in cooperation with Divers Alert Network (DAN).  I am a practicing anesthesiologist and educator (SUNY Syracuse and University of South Florida program director) and a practicing hyperbaric medicine physician (Memorial Hospital, Tampa).

I am…

-Past President of the Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine Society (UHMS): 2000-2002

-Past Treasurer of UHMS: 2009-2011

-Editor-in-Chief, UHM Journal: 2015-present

-Contributor of multiple editions of HBO Committee Report; Last 14th Edition 2019

-UHMS Recipient of Alfred Behnke Award: 2019

See my CV (link above) for a comprehensive history.

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