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For Your Information

How should I prepare for the initial consultation? 
How much do your consulting services cost?

How do I get more information about your consulting services?

Go to the “Contact Us” tab and send us your contact information.  We will schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation via Zoom teleconference at a time that’s convenient for you. 

The initial consultation gives us the opportunity to get to know what your objectives are.  The more we know about your project the better we can answer your questions.  This consultation will help us tailor our services around your individual needs. 

Each project is different, and the needs of each client may differ greatly.  We do not believe in a “cookie-cutter – one size fits all” approach.  We provide our prospective clients with an individualized written quotation after our initial consultation.  The scope of the project will dictate the cost of our services. 

Is it expensive to hire a professional consulting firm?
How do I know that a consultant has the knowledge and experience that they claim?
How does your firm compare with companies that offer “turn-key” services?

What is more expensive than hiring a consulting firm?  Not hiring one!  What’s expensive is NOT to hire a firm with decades of experience early in the development of your project.  As you might already be aware, there are many complexities with the start-up and implementation of a new hyperbaric program; there’s a real need for competent and experienced consultants to mitigate all factors, and thus ensure success.  Our consulting firm can save you money and, more importantly, time. 

Do your homework – There are quite a few so-called “consultants” out there that claim that they have “many years of experience”.  Ask what kind of experience they really have.  You may find that they don’t have the hyperbaric experience that they claim.     30-years of experience as a nurse or technician and a couple of years of work in the hyperbaric medical field is not what you need.  Our firm has 100+ combined years of real direct professional hyperbaric-related experience!  Our motto, for a good reason, is “There’s no substitute for experience!” 

Read their contract carefully before you sign!  Typically, they get most of the profits and you get what’s left over.  It may be “turn-key”, but they own the “key”, not you.  Our firm provides very similar services, the difference is that we provide the “turn-key” products and services, and you retain control of the center (the “key”).

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