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Paul Caruso,
Associate Consultant

Like my father, I have been around this field my entire life. I have 10+ years in Hyperbaric Medicine and am an active duty Firefighter / Paramedic. It would be an honor to assist you!

     I have been around the fields of undersea, hyperbaric, and emergency medicine my entire life. Some of my earliest memories are snorkeling in the Caribbean off of Puerto Rico and hanging around my parents’ dive shop. 

     At 14 years old, I joined our local fire department’s Fire Explorer post and started my experience in the fire service. When I turned 19, I officially began my career in hyperbaric medicine. I attended the introductory hyperbaric team training and went on to obtain my Certified Hyperbaric Technologist certification from the NBDHMT. I worked in various hyperbaric facilities nationwide until joining my father here at Hyperbaric Consulting and being appointed to the NFPA Standards Committee for Hyperbaric/Hypobaric Facilities in 99 and 99B. I was then on the founding team of a hyperbaric project in Tampa, Florida that went on to be the area’s only 24/7/365 available diver treatment facility and had the opportunity to treat multiple decompression sickness cases. I also worked on the development team for a formerly UHMS approved 40-hour introductory course and enjoyed teaching those just starting in this exciting field.

     Concurrently with my hyperbaric career, I completed Fire Academy and EMT to join the third largest fire/rescue department in the state of Florida in 2013. I then obtained my Florida Paramedic certification in 2015. During my time so far in Fire/EMS I have been a part of the Hazardous Materials Team, Heavy Rescue Team, been a member of the Urban Search & Rescue Task Force, and act up to the positions of Driver/Engineer and Lieutenant.

     I also have an extreme interest in aerospace and was 1 of only 150 qualified applicants for the first all-civilian mission to orbit, Inspiration4, which successfully flew to orbit for 3 days aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft in September of 2021. Although I have yet to log any time of my own in space, I keep abreast of news in the space sector; which, interestingly, is closely related to the field of hyperbaric medicine. I have been SCUBA diving since I was 10 and have since obtained my PADI Divemaster certification. I also have a keen interest in undersea exploration. Really I am fascinated by all fields of science from under-the-sea to outer-space and everything in between.

     My other pursuits include web-design, carpentry, and traveling with my wife.

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